About Us

Tamilnadu Rural Reconstruction Movement (TRRM) is a registered non-profit organization that serves among the poor and the marginalized people of Ramanathapuram District in the state of Tamilnadu.TRRM started its work among child labourers of Sivakasi and conducted women development programs, then knowing the need for facilitating the process of uplifting the fisher folk community TRRM preferred to work among the poor traditional fisher folk of Ramnathapuram by promoting a fish worker’s forum for the fishermen that served as a platform to address their livelihood option, TRRM mobilized the fish workers and promoted sangams and formed federations in three zones.TRRM started to mobilize them as Self Help Groups and promoted 820 groups and these groups have a total membership of 12300 members. These groups are efficiently functioning.

Registered as society under Tamilnadu societies Registration Act 1975.
Registered with Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India under FCRA
Registered in Income tax department under section 12A


1. This society is formed on a non-profit basis for Rural Reconstruction to enable the people to help themselves for total development i.e.,
a)  As a self sustaining process whereby individuals and communities equipped with the necessary awareness self
confidence resources,skills and self determination strive to achieve their full potential as human beings societies.
b)  To release people’s power and to engage them in developing, education, culture and Livelihood aspects.
c)  An integrated programme for releasing the physical, economic and mental powers of the people to enable them
to meet their basic human needs through full participation in their own development.
d)  To improve the quality of life of the rural people through non-formal and development education.

2. This society has been formed for the welfare of the rural masses in the areas that may be adopted by the society.
a) To cater to the health needs of the people and to improve public health (both preventive and curative)
b) To train the villagers to promote family welfare personal hygiene and environmental sanitation.
c) To educate and train the people in applied nutrition and child care.

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